Orion Ares I Cutaway
20" x 30" 300 ppi 3D Digital Illustration (2007)


NASA's Ares I Launch Vehicle and Orion Spacecraft includes ATK's five-segment solid rocket booster first stage and a 200 inch diameter second stage powered by a single J-2X engine. The Ares I will be one of NASA's new generation of Launch Vehicles that will take America to the Moon and beyond in the 21st Century.

Artist's Note: The caption reflects the 2007 timeframe. NASA's Constellation program was cancelled by the Obama admistration in October 2010.

1260 x 1800 image


Many of the Northrop Grumman paintings are available as high quality prints trough Northrop Grumman. While not normally available to the general public, the prints are available to military units, aerospace organizations and industry representatives. Reproduced with permission of Northop Grumman. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly forbidden.