Winning The War While Transforming The Force
30" x 60" Oil (2002)


American ground forces armed with Alliant Techsystems' new XM-29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon attack enemy positions in a hypothetical combat situation. This next-generation infantry rifle system will provide U.S. combat troops with unprecedented precision fire capability on 21st century battlefields. Supporting the infantry on land is a U.S. Army Stryker Mobile Gun System and an M1A2 Abrams battle tank. RAH-66 Comanche and AH-64 Apache helicopters provide air cover.

XM-29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon, 5.56mm Ammunition, 7.62mm Ammunition, .50 caliber Ammunition, 120mm Tank Ammunition, M14 & JA-2 Propellants (120mm Tank Ammunition), 30mm M230 Chain Gun Automatic Cannon, RP1315 & RP788 Propellant (Lightweight 30mm Ammunition), AGM-114A Hellfire Missile Propulsion System, HYDRA-70 MK 66 2.75-in. Rocket Motor are produced by Alliant Techsystems, Inc.

Artist Note: The caption reflects the 2002 time frame.


743 x 700 close up 1

627 x 780 close up 2

686 x 700 close up 3