Eole and A340
Éole and A340
24" x 36" oil (1993)
Orbital ATK


Clement Ader's Éole takes an imaginary flight with an Airbus Industrie A340. Éole is believed to be the first French heavier- than-air manned aircraft to take off from ground level under its own power. Today, final assembly for the Airbus is carried out at the Clement Ader plant (named for the aviation pioneer) in Toulouse, France. The Airbus A340 uses Cordant/Huck technology and fasteners.

Artist's Note: The caption reflects the 1993 timeframe.


Many of the Orbital ATK paintings are available as high quality prints through Orbital ATK, MS PUBS, PO Box 707, Brigham City, Utah 84302. While not normally available to the general public, the prints are available to military units, aerospace organizations and industry representatives. Reproduced with permission of Orbital ATK. Unauthorized use of this image is strictly forbidden.